New Mexico

Sponsored By: Rocky Mountain Pest Control                                                     1 800 933 4645
Sponsored by: Springer Economic Development


Religious Services    
St. Joseph Catholic Church
(605 5th Street)
First United Methodist Church
(320 Maxwell Ave.)  

The Church of Christ
(address n/a)

Jubilee Fellowship Christian Church
(510 Third Street)
First Baptist Church
(920 4th Street)
Assembly of God
(1519 8th Street)

Masonic Temple
(address not listed)
Outreach Tabernacle  

Rubens Barber Shop
(802 Third Street)
Susan Potters
(address not listed)
Dee Dee Cosmetology
(707 Maxwell Ave.)
Springer Laundry
(507 Third sSreet) 
Helmke Car Wash
(address n/a)
Springer Drug
(835 4th Street)
MLS Bookkeeping 
(address n/a)
Randles Bookkeeping and Tax
(303 Maxwell Avenue)
Patrcia Bowen LPPC
(220 4th Street)
Counseling Services

Sky Cheif Liquors
(711 Maxwell Ave.)
Tribune Press
(904 Third Street)
Ross Oils
(500 Third Street)
Ranchers Supply
(303 Colbert Ave.)
Century Link
UPS-United Parcell Services
(824 4th Street)
Four T's Pilot Services
Rocky Mountain Pest Control
Balloon etc and Flowers
Feet Co. Auto Mechanic/Plateau Agent
Pendleton (Propane Gas)
Zia Natural Gas
Springer News Bulletin
(address not listed)

Springer Auto Company-(Ford)
504 4th Street)

Springer Electric Coop
(408 Maxwell Ave)

Construction Services
Esquibel Construction
(address not listed)

Ramirez Construction
(address not listed)

Chris P. Arellano Construction (addresss not listed)
BJ Construction
(address not listed)

GB Construction
(address not listed)

Olmedo Ramirez Plumbing
(address not listed)

Rover Plumbing
(address not listed)

Northern EnterprisePlumbing
(address not lsited) 
Urquijo Construction
(address not listed)

Banking Services
Wells Fargo
(400 Maxwell Ave.)

International Bank
(address not listed)

Insurance Agents
General Insurance
(address not listed)

Farm Bureau Insurance
(address not listed)

Medical Services
Edward Ebell Dentist
(417 Maxwell Ave.)

Springer Family Health
(403 Prospect Ave.)

Dr. Martin Trujillo
(711 2nd Street)

Dr. Caruana
(address not listed)

El Centro Clinic
(address not listed)

Springer Municpal Schools
(311 Miranda Avenue, High School, 1401 8th St.)

Luna Community College 
(516 Maxwell Ave)

Jesperson's Antiques
Livery Stable Antiques
Russell's Truck and Travel Center
Dominic's Indoor Flea Market
Susan Potters
Springer Drug

This and That Mercantile
Trail Trader Gift Shop

Munden's Family Restaurant
Dairy Delite
Elida's Cafe
Brown Bed and Breakfast
Russell's Travel Center

Gas Station and Convenience store
Cross Roads
Russell's Truck Stop

Brown Bed and Breakfast
Oasis Motel
Broken Arrow Motel (Grand Opening September 2012)

Springer Correctional Facility

Springer Swimming Pool Springer Recreation Center
City Parks
POW Memorial Park
Springer Horseshoe Park
Springer Little League Park
Springer Lake
Charrette Lakes
Cimarron Canyon State Park
Maxwell Wildlife Refuge
Sugarite State Park

Philmont Scout Ranch

Springer Seinor Center

Brown Hotel & Cafe

Santa Fe Trail Museum

Colfax General Long Tern Care Facility


Sunnyside Hardware

Luna Comunity College

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